Kiki Challenge India Viral Videos, latest news

Kiki Challenge India (#KikiChallengeIndia) (Drake Kiki Do you love me song) viral videos latest news, dances, accidents, indian police warnings, arrests over dangerous stunts in traffic. Many dancers, celebrities and common people made videos of themselves dancing to the above mentioned drakes’ hit song. While the car is moving and the video taken from inside the vehicle the dancer is seen in line with the car’s speed shaking to the tunes. While we have seen many superb steps by people, there were also many tragedies that have taken place all over the world, some known and some unknown. Indians especially have participated equally well, but as there were many obstructions to traffic and accidents having taken place, the indian police have issued warnings not to participate in this challenge.

kiki challenge india viral videos, latest news

India Kiki Challenge Viral Trending Videos, Latest news

#KikiChallenge Indian people  (celebrities, dancers, common people) dancing videos, accidents, comedy videos posted here. This challenge has become so popular and also a dangerous activity in india so much so that many state police have issued warnings to people that an arrest may be initiated if a person participates in this challenge.

Adah sharma, Regina Cassendra and many other celebrities participated in this challenge and the common people are the one those made their presence felt and many of their videos have gone viral, especially that of a gujarati lady from vadodara wearing a blue chudidhar who was dancing to the tune and scolding all the people who were asking her to move aside.

The other most important thing is that many people are participating to gain popularity and are unable to understand that this way of dancing is a threat to their life.

There were many instances of people getting hit by vehicles while performing this dance and either getting seriously injured and some times even death.

It is a pity to see that even celebrities are dancing, instead of cautioning people to refrain from this activity.

On the other hand some professional have performed exceptional well to this tune and their dances were amazing.


Adah Sharma KikiChallenge Video Dance


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karishma sharma KikiChallenge Video Dance




nia sharma KikiChallenge Video Dance




Rijhwana Meer KikiChallenge Video Dance



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